Shadowgun War Games: The Great Things To Expect From Season 3

Back in March, we announced the partnership between Madfinger Games, the company behind Shadowgun War Games, and MOBILE E-SPORTS®. Since then we have been following the game closely to see its progress as it reaches its full potential. To our surprise, we heard an amazing announcement this Sunday on the Shadowgun War Games stream that was hosted by MOBILE E-SPORTS®.

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We learned that Friends and Teams (Guilds) are scheduled to be released in Season 3 of the game. This feature will have more depth to it and certain advantages which will reflect on the formation of teams and being in them. This is quite exciting and since the game is in Season 2 at the moment, we are just one season away from these amazing features.

Shadowgun War Games comes from a long line of Shadowgun titles. The first Shadowgun was introduced in 2011 followed by Shadowgun: Deadzone in 2012. Both games were extremely successful and players wanted to see more of the Shadowgun universe. Not long ago, Madfinger Games released Shadowgun Legends and just recently, Shadowgun War Games was launched.

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Finally, this game will be a titan in the mobile esports world and it is only a matter of time before it’s ready for competitive tournaments.

If you are familiar with the previous work that the developers of this game were involved in then you know that great things are ahead for Shadowgun War Games. Download the game from the App Store or Google Play so that you can start preparing for when the time comes. You can watch the Shadowgun War Games Event which featured this announcement below.