PUBG Mobile: The Great Things To Come

PUBG Mobile has been a growing success since its launch and this success is motivating Tencent to launch a new global esports initiative that seeks to provide players from all around the world at becoming a part of the tournament to come. The tournaments in 2020 will be worth $5 million to say the least, so this should be exciting for all the ambitious PUBG players out there.

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Just this month, the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 (Fall Split) Global Finals took place and the results were staggering. The tournament was viewed over 530 million times with 57 million watch hours (excluding China). To compare it to last year, it was 11 times more in viewership and 15 times more in watch hours.

Of course, such success does not go unnoticed and for this reason, Tencent is making big moves. According to James Yang, Tencent Games Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports, Tencent will be bringing ”players and over 50,000 teams together from different countries around the world, with 10 different regions represented.”

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In 2020, it is expected that PUBG Mobile will add the Campus Championships for amateur players as well as the PUBG Mobile Club Open for semi-pro and pro players. 2020 is a year to watch out for because it will be a year of tournaments with a huge prize pool on the line.

These changes to the ecosystem means that the qualifier system will result in more teams from individual countries to rise to the top league in the World League structure. The World League is scheduled to start in May and October of next year.

Finally, the fact that a mobile game like PUBG Mobile has come this far is fascinating. It has already become the first mobile title to surpass $1 Billion in revenue. Now, with the rising attention it is getting, this only means that mobile esports as an industry has a secure future ahead.