Guns of Boom: A New eSports Mode Is In The Making

Having one of the fastest growing shooters on the App Store is not easy and you as a developer will always need to live up to high standards and expectations. Just recently, Game Insight has announced that it is introducing a new eSports mode to Guns of Boom. Within six months since its launch, the game has received over 20 million downloads. If that was not enough to impress you then consider the fact that Apple placed it as the App Store’s Best of 2017 mobile game.

Clearly, we are talking about a successful shooter with a lot of potential in the Mobile eSports world. So what exactly is Game Insight bringing to Guns of Boom? In partnership with popular teams like NaVi, SK Gaming, and, Guns of Boom will be getting the much anticipated eSports PRO Play mode which is designed with eSports in mind.

This mode introduces fair play to matches, very similar to Clash Royale’s Friendly Battle Mode where all players have equal stats and matches are purely skill-based. While the press release did not include a release date for this mode, we are very happy to hear this news. Another great game enters the competitive world of Mobile eSports. Stay tuned for more.