Critical Ops: The Fireteams Tournament – How It Unfolded

The Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament that was organised by MOBILE E-SPORTS® has come to an end. This tournament was titled The Fireteams Tournament, named after the original tournament of the same name which took place in February of 2016. This was the first tournament to ever be organised for Critical Ops and that is why it was an important competition.

It started with 64 teams and came down to 2 only, Team Euphoria & Team REIGN. They battled it out in a BO5 series and what a competitive series it was. Team Euphoria consists of players from different countries across Europe while Team REIGN houses players from Russia.

Image Source: MOBILE E-SPORTS®

Before the match began, Euphoria went in with the advantage of overall W/L ratio & K/D ratio across the maps that were played which were Canals, Raid, Legacy, Plaza, & Grounded. This means that throughout the tournament, they had a higher ratio with these factors on these maps in comparison to REIGN. However, stats do not tell the entire story.

The match went as far as the 4th map with REIGN beating Euphoria with a score of 3-1, becoming the champions of the Fireteams Tournament. Team REIGN portrayed teamwork, individual talent, and unique strategy which led them to victory over their powerful opponents.

Finally, the Critical Ops: Fireteams Tournament was an extremely competitive tournament with 64 teams participating and ending with one undisputed champion, Team REIGN. If you would like to watch the Finals of this tournament then you can do so below.