Call of Duty Mobile: Battle of the Brave Tournament

Here comes a new Call of Duty: Mobile tournament which was just announced by MOBILE E-SPORTS®. This new competition is called Battle of the Brave and is sponsored by G FUEL, Gamer Goo, & Surfshark. Call of Duty: Mobile is a fascinating title that is leading the first person shooter genre on mobile. Seeing more tournaments take place in this game is always a step forward to keep the competitive scene strong on the mobile platform.

This tournament comes with a unique format and will consist of 8 teams per week that will compete in Search and Destroy Mode. There will be 4 weeks in total with each week being considered as a standalone mini-tournament. This means that there can be 4 winning teams in total. However, a winning team can participate in more than one week so a single team can potentially become a champion more than once. Those who lose in a certain week can sign up again for the next week.

The first week of the tournament will begin on Sunday, December 13th, at 10:10 AM Pacific Time with all the action being live-streamed at the official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel. Teams that fail to show up to play on time will be disqualified.

The prize pool that the participating teams will be fighting for consists of 2,000 MES Credits which is equivalent to $200. MES Credits is a currency by MOBILE E-SPORTS® which can be spent in the MOBILE E-SPORTS® Shop via the MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot. Teams will not be playing for this prize only but will compete to become the champions of this tournament.

Finally, in order to sign up for the Call of Duty: Mobile – Battle of the Brave Tournament, read the instructions at the official website by clicking here. Also, make sure to join the official Discord Chat for any questions you might have about the tournament and to stay in touch with the organisers. We wish you all the best of luck.