Overdox: The Official Tournament Announced

An exciting tournament for a unique game has just been announced by MOBILE E-SPORTS® and it sounds really interesting. The tournament is for a game called Overdox and this would be the first official tournament for the game. Developed by Haegin, Overdox is best described as a hack n’ slash battle royale where you can play with up to 12 players. When you spawn on the battlefield, you will find loot boxes that will contain useful items to help you win the match so be sure to loot before you face other enemies.

Image Source: Overdox

Overdox: The Official Tournament will be based on Free For All and 48 players from North America will be allowed to sign up for it. Round 1 begins with the 48 players split into 4 groups of 12 and each group will play in a BO3 format where the top 6 of each group will advance to Round 2. In Round 2, the 24 remaining players will be split into two groups of 12 where the top 6 of each group will advance to the Finals.

During the Finals, the final 12 players will play in a BO3 format and the top 3 will be selected as winners. And to celebrate this tournament, there will be another small yet special event called the All-Star Round where the finalists (all top 12 players) will be divided into two teams and will play in a 6vs6 match. Winners and losers will be awarded.

Image Source: Overdox

An important tip to keep in mind is that the tournament will take place exclusively on 3 maps only: Ancient Temple, Downtown, & Land of Opulence. You might want to practice on these maps before the tournament.

So what are all these players fighting for? The prize pool features $300 Cash, GFUEL Products, 6000 In-Game Crystals, and 100 MES Credits. If you are a mobile gamer then you have to put your skills to the test. If you don’t have the game then click here to get it on your iOS device or click here if you have an Android device.

Image Source: Overdox

Finally, if you want to register for this tournament, click here to visit the official tournament page and learn more on how to sign up. It is quite exciting to see more mobile games are heading towards the mobile esports path.

You as a player can support the mobile esports industry by participating in these tournaments or spreading the word about them. Feel free to check out the game if this tournament interests you. Whether for the sense of competition, the prize pool, or for the championship title, this tournament is available for you to be part of its history. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on mobile esports.