Shadowgun War Games: Tournaments Expected This Year

Madfinger Games, the company behind Shadowgun War Games & Dead Trigger, has partnered with MOBILE E-SPORTS®. This can only mean that Shadowgun War Games is on the path to become an esports experience which is really exciting. As the game gets transformed into its true potential, we expect to see competitive players and popular teams start focusing on building their rosters and prepare for upcoming tournaments.

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MOBILE E-SPORTS® reports that they will be introducing the game with community events starting this Sunday at 1:30 PM Pacific Time, live-streamed at the official MOBILE E-SPORTS® Youtube Channel.

These community events will help get new players acquainted with the game and learn more about it before the game is ready for tournaments.

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Shadowgun War Games comes from a long line of Shadowgun titles. The first Shadowgun was introduced in 2011 followed by Shadowgun: Deadzone in 2012. Both games were extremely successful and players wanted to see more of the Shadowgun universe. Not long ago, Madfinger Games released Shadowgun Legends and just recently, Shadowgun War Games was launched.

Shadowgun War Games focuses heavily on teamwork and that’s why team synergy will be vital in future tournaments. The current modes available in the game are Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag with more modes being worked on and planned to be released in upcoming updates. If you haven’t played War Games yet then you can download it now from the App Store or Google Play. Finally, check out the launch trailer for Shadowgun War Games below.