Fortnite: Season 2 – Top Secret Revealed

Today is the day, Fortnite fans! Season 2: Chapter 2 dubbed as Top Secret is now available on iOS, Android, and other platforms. This chapter has been highly anticipated over the last few weeks. So what is so special about Top Secret? It introduces a new spy theme featuring new cosmetics and a new Battle Pass.

Image Source: Fortnite Gameplay Trailer

With the new Battle Pass, you can unlock the Hideout which can get you 100 new rewards. As always, you can purchase it at 950 V-Bucks. The theme comes with two factions, Ghost and Shadow, which makes the experience a whole lot interesting.

What is really mind-blowing about this chapter is that Deadpool is teased at the end of the gameplay trailer. So expect him to be joining Fortnite.

Finally, the update is 233.9 MB for iOS but unpacks with more content when you enter the game. This is quite an exciting theme and one that you definitely should try. Be sure to watch the gameplay trailer below.