TeamFight Tactics: What We Know About The Game So Far

TeamFight Tactics was released as a new game mode in League of Legends. Riot Games is now bringing this mode as a new game for iOS and Android. According to Riot Games as reported by Polygon, the game is expected to be available in most countries by mid-March and a full launch will follow soon after that.

If you are not familiar with TeamFight Tactics, it is a round-based strategy game which allows you to play against seven other opponents in a free-for-all mode in building the most powerful team that can fight on your behalf. To win is to remain the last team standing.

Image Source: Google Play

You will be able to utilize a revolving roster of champions from League of Legends using strategy and skills in order to survive. TeamFight Tactics on mobile will support cross-play with PC players. This means you can play using your account against anyone from any device that the game supports. But the question is, which devices will the game support?

iOS users can expect devices starting from the iPhone 6S and later models to support the game. Android users with phones that run OS5+ with 2GB of RAM and higher will be able to run the game too. While many players use tablets, Riot Games did not announce which tablets will be supported but did say that support for tablets will come soon but not upon game release.

Finally, TeamFight Tactics on mobile will be no different than the PC version and the only difference will be the user interface that has been designed for mobile gamers in order to deliver a smooth experience. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on TeamFight Tactics. You can watch the gameplay trailer for this title below.