Peacekeeper Elite: The PUBG Title Surges Due To The Corona Virus

Peacekeeper Elite is a PUBG Mobile clone created by Tencent and was previously titled as Game For Peace. It was developed to meet the regulations imposed by the Chinese government in order for monetization to be available since the original PUBG Mobile did not meet the Chinese regulations and thus could not be monetized.

After Tencent struggled to find a solution for PUBG Mobile’s monetization system in China, they were forced to develop a version that lacks the gory experience while providing a more nationalistic theme to the game in order to appease the regulators.

In addition, Peacekeeper Elite is aimed for players that are 16 or above only. Another aspect that the developers included to meet the regulations is to prevent gaming addiction with a safeguard that will prevent gamers from playing more than 2 hours per day.

Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, the game has experienced a surge in players that overwhelmed the servers. The virus has already killed approximately 500 people and infected 20,000 in China. As a result, the Chinese government has forced a shutdown for all businesses until February 10th and the shutdown may even last longer than that.

Image Source: Peacekeeper Elite

Yahoo News reports that while the virus outbreak has managed to increase the amount of people spending time on gaming since they are confined to their homes, it has affected Chinese and Western gaming companies negatively. It is estimated that a third to a half of art creation for Western games is done in China so the gaming industry in general has been disrupted due to this outbreak.

Peacekeeper Elite is one of the top grossing games for Tencent in China. It has topped the charts during the Lunar New Week and is expected to remain a financial power for the company. Interestingly, Technode reported that the total revenue generated by PUBG Mobile & Peacekeeper Elite has surpassed $1.5 billion as of December 2019.

Finally, with a huge portion of the gaming industry being halted due to the outbreak, it will remain to be seen how the industry will be impacted with employees being out of office, esports events postponed, and servers becoming overwhelmed. Most importantly, we hope you all stay safe. We will keep you updated with the latest in the mobile esports industry as we learn more.