Warfield: A New Mobile Esports Experience

Developed by Codematic Systems, Warfield is gradually turning into a mobile esports title. The online 2D shooter takes you into the future where you can select one of three characters to play with: Marine, Sniper, and Medic. Each class comes with its own abilities and weaponry. You will learn to play differently with each of these characters.

Image Source: WarfieldGame.net

MOBILE E-SPORTS® has announced their partnership with Codematic Systems recently which means the game will keep on transforming into the ultimate esports experience. The announcement also mentions the coming of tournaments in the near future which is quite exciting for competitive mobile gamers.

Image Source: WarfieldGame.net

You can click here to get the game for free on your App Store or Google Play. The game allows you to play online or with your friends if you choose. With unlimited amounts of characterization, you will be able to distinguish yourself from others on the battlefield.

The game supports up to 8 players online. There are 20 combat weapons, 3 military maps, and 2 different game modes. This is a fast-paced game and requires players to be quick and tactical throughout each match. The developers have certainly done a great job at incorporating the competitive side of the game because once you are on the battlefield, you will be facing players that will put up a good fight.

Finally, Warfield also has the official MOBILE E-SPORTS skins. You can find one in the Marine class, under the A31 Fireball weapon at the price of $1.99. Also, another skin can be found in the Sniper class, under the Longbow D7 weapon. It is great news to always see new games aiming for the mobile esports industry because we need more players to be interested in this industry and more developers to be part of this new world.