PUBG Mobile: The Winter Festival Update

Update 0.16.0 has arrived to PUBG Mobile with a lot of exciting content but at the cost of 0.67 GB of space. One of the major additions is the new EvoGround mode called RageGear where you can operate shooting vehicles. Players are split into two teams. The objective is to destroy enemy vehicles using your own vehicle which is installed with mounted Gatling, mounted Shotgun and mounted RPG.

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In addition, a classic mode called Snow Paradise was added. When you queu for Erangel, you will have a chance to enter Snow Paradise where the Spawn Island is full of snow. When the match begins, you will be able to ride cable cars on the snowy mountains and even snowboard! Now that is fun.

Furthermore, you can now heal in classic mode while moving. The side effect to that is that your speed will decrease as you use consumables. Another cool feature is that you can now switch to FPP when playing in TPP in Classic Mode, Arcade or Training Grounds. Clearly this update has changed a lot in the game and added a lot of great features that improves gameplay and fixes previous problems. To learn more about the full update, you can click here.