Call of Duty: Mobile – Clash of Titans Tournament Begins

The much anticipated Call of Duty: Mobile Tournament organised by MOBILE E-SPORTS® has begun. The Clash of Titans Tournament was presented in partnership with several brands: GFUEL, Gizer, E-WIN-Racing, Gamer Goo, Japan Candy Box, and Hoodwinked Games. As of now, the teams have been selected and Round 1 is set to start this Saturday at 6:30 PM Pacific Time.

Image Source: MobileEsports.Org

The matches will be live-streamed at the official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel. This is one of the most competitive tournaments since a large number of top teams are included in the bracket. Some of the names that you may recognize are Tribe Gaming, Omen Elite, SpaceStation Gaming, Singularity, Vanguard, MercilessGG, D2R, USSR, and many more.

The teams will be fighting not only for glory but for countless prizes: $500 Cash, 5600 Gizer Boost, GFUEL Products, Gamer Goo Products, Japan Candy Box Products, & E-WIN Racing Tablet Stands.

Many will keep a close eye on this tournament, ranging from players to sponsors, as they watch which team will be able to outplay all the other teams and become the ultimate titan. Finally, if you are a Call of Duty player or a fan of any of the teams on the bracket then this event should be on your schedule.