Call of Duty: Mobile – Clash of Titans Tournament

From one of the leading organisers in the industry comes a new tournament, and this time, Call of Duty: Mobile is the game where teams will compete. MOBILE E-SPORTS® has announced the Clash of Titans Tournament in partnership with several brands: GFUEL, Gizer, E-WIN-Racing, Gamer Goo, Japan Candy Box, and Hoodwinked Games. Such a collaboration proves that mobile esports as an industry is growing significantly.

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The tournament will consist of 32 teams that will compete in Search and Destroy Mode. The first 3 rounds will be based on a Best of 1 format, the Semi-Finals will be Best of 3, and the Finals will feature a Best of 5 format. All of the action will be live-streamed at the official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel.

There are tons of prizes available for the winning team: $500 Cash, 5600 Gizer Boost, GFUEL Products, Gamer Goo Products, Japan Candy Box Products, & E-WIN Racing Tablet Stands. That’s a lot of prizes to fight for and don’t forget the bragging rights and glory that the winning team will also earn.

In order to register for the Call of Duty: Mobile – Clash of Titans Tournament, get the Gizer app and go to the registration form by clicking here. Also, make sure to join the official Discord Chat for any questions you might have about the tournament and to stay in touch with the organisers. Finally, you can watch the promo video for this tournament below.