PUBG Mobile: The Stand Against Cheaters

Cheaters can be found in many competitive games and it comes down to the company behind the game to take action in order to decrease this issue significantly. With 100 million active players per month on the line, Tencent took action to fight cheaters. The company has constantly been updating their cheating detection system and with a security team of 300 people, they are managing to ban thousands of cheaters every single day.

According to the PUBG Mobile Security Team, there are three main tools they use to battle cheaters: software detection, impossible behaviour in-game, and in-game observation. The latter method being the most time-consuming since it requires watching players.

Image Source: PUBG Mobile

The major concern about cheaters is that they can always come back with a new account since Tencent doesn’t ban based on IP. So the hope is that they would learn from their mistakes and start playing fairly. Tencent fears that ”honest players” might be victims to IP bans and they don’t want to take this approach at the moment because honest players can be banned by mistake if that method is used.

Finally, Tencent has confirmed that in a future update they will upgrade their servers which will allow them to catch cheaters easier than before. This is great news for competitive players and it’s refreshing to see a developer trying to be ahead of cheaters.