PUBG Mobile: Over Half A Billion Dollars Profit In August

PUBG Mobile has brought in so much revenue for Tencent that it has become a title they depend on. According to Sensor Tower, this mobile title has reached the top charts in August and generated over $682.4 million in profit. This is quite a success for a mobile app and will certainly attract more developers to the mobile industry.

When comparing the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, we can see that PUBG Mobile was ranked #1 on the Apple App Store for Revenue while not being in the top 10 list on the Google Play Store for Revenue. This means that the majority of profit made was generated from iOS users.

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The 2nd top company on the list was NetEase and they weren’t even close to Tencent’s revenue. NetEase generated $276 million in comparison to Tencent’s $682.4 million. Of course, they both have generated an insane amount of money but when comparing both, PUBG Mobile has brought in significantly more for Tencent. This just shows what a decent and competitive mobile game can do for a company.

While the game is free-to-play, gamers can buy Loot Crates and spend money on in-game purchases. In fact, Tencent reported back in May that they attract more than 100 million active players per month. That’s a lot of potential customers that will keep playing the game.

Finally, not only could PUBG Mobile generate a whopping amount of profit within a single month mostly from iOS users but imagine if the game was the highest generating game among Android users too. The amount of profit generated in such a scenario would have been unprecedented. This accomplishment will hopefully attract big titles to the mobile gaming industry and this proves that mobile gamers are willing to spend their money on entertaining and competitive games.