Fortnite World Cup Finals: Everything You Need To Know

The Season 9 Showdown was exciting and unprecedented in the world of gaming. Watching two giants battle to the death in an epic fight is any gamers dream. But that is not all for Fortnite because there is something equally or even more exciting that is about to take place. The Fortnite World Cup has been announced and you can watch it at 12:30 PM ET this Friday. On Saturday, the Duos Finals will take place with the stream starting at 1 PM ET. The Solos Finals are saved for Sunday and will also be streamed at 1 PM ET.

Image Source: EpicGames.Com

Epic Games likes to be ahead of the game when it comes to impressing players. They have now added a new feature that will allow you to watch the Fortnite World Cup while you play Fortnite. Impressive, isn’t it? So how does this work? Once you enter into the Fortnite lobby, you can click on ”Watch Now” button that’s found in the upper right corner to watch the stream. Then you can just play Fortnite while watching the minimized stream. That’s double the entertainment and we love it.

Image Source: EpicGames.Com

What is more interesting is that you can customize your preferences. This means that you can select specific players that you want to watch during the finals instead of watching players that you are not a big fan of. But what are the 100 Solo players and the top 50 Duo teams competing for exactly? Each is guaranteed at least $50,000 with the World Cup Solo Champion getting $3,000,000.

Finally, those who attend the event will receive a special code that when redeemed, gifts them with V-Bucks and Season 10 Battle Pass. These codes will be physically distributed at the event, according to Epic Games. Fortnite Season 10 launches after the World Cup ends which is assumed to be in early August. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Fortnite.