PUBG Mobile: The $2.5 Million Tournament Ahead

With the game’s anniversary taking place on the 21st of March, the team behind PUBG Mobile had a lot to show regarding their commitment to the game. PUBG Mobile partnered with Sony Music Entertainment and Liquid State to premier live music at YouTube Space in New York featuring the legendary Norwegian artist, Alan Walker. That’s quite the dream anniversary for a mobile game. Just who would have imagined mobile games being taken that seriously several years ago?

Since the anniversary, we now know that the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) prize pool has been set with up to $2.5 million, to be split among the events occurring in the Spring and Fall of this year. The Spring Split consists of teams from 10 regions. There are currently 35,000 teams registered to participate in the Spring Split with online qualifiers ending on March 30th. It is expected that the finals will take place in Germany during the month of July. More details will be announced soon regarding the Fall Split.

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This shows that the company is throwing most of its eggs in the PUBG Mobile basket. With such high representation, partnerships, and prize pools, mobile gamers can expect endless possibilities in the mobile esports industry, especially with PUBG Mobile. What is fascinating is that Alan Walker played at the event with top influencers such as FaZe Adapt and Scotty Sire.

Nothing makes the case any clearer than the words of Tencent’s General Manager, Vincent Wang, ”We’re setting 2019 up to be the year of PUBG Mobile,” as reported by Pocket Gamer. He also confirmed the large prize pool set for this year in the following comment via Pocket Gamer, ”We also announced our ambitious and exciting esports plan for the year, which will involve tens of thousands of teams and an astonishing $2.5 million in prize funds. It’s a big step in our development of an Esports ecosystem for PUBG Mobile.”