Forward Assault: How The Championship Concluded

At the end of January of 2019, we discussed the Forward Assault Championship and the teams participating in the MOBILE E-SPORTS® Tournament. We observed it since it started until its conclusion and it was quite the adventure. With D2R Mystic and USSR reaching the Finals, it came down to one of them to overpower the other. Both teams are quite professional and have a long history of success and skill.

Interestingly, the two teams have battled each other six times since Season 2 of the Battle of Glory Tournament. D2R Mystic managed to defeat USSR in the first 5 matches apart from the last match they played before the Championship Finals. While D2R Mystic had the confidence of beating USSR multiple times in the past, USSR had a new line up that consisted of previous Prime players.

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Statistically, USSR had a higher KD ratio (1.51 vs 1.31) while D2R Mystic had a higher Matches ratio (4.36 vs 4.0). Regardless, both are talented teams and the Championship could have gone to either one of these teams. Both played in a Best of 5 format. In the First Match, USSR brought a shocking defeat to D2R Mystic on the map Arid with a score of 13 – 1. It was unbelievable to the viewers that were surprised with such turn of events. No one was used to the fact that D2R Mystic loses, let alone get such a crushing defeat.

In Match 2, both teams played on map Frosty where D2R Mystic is quite strategic on. D2R Mystic beat USSR with a score of 13 – 9 this time. This brought hope to the D2R fans that were watching that there is still a chance for their favourite team to come out from this championship as victorious. Then, in Match 3, both teams were back to play on Arid but this time D2R Mystic was prepared for USSR. Although, D2R Mystic won this match, USSR put up quite a resistance. It ended with D2R Mystic winning 13 – 11.

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Furthermore, in Match 4, both teams were back on Frosty and the expectation was that D2R Mystic would win this time as it is their map of choice. However, USSR surprised them with a new strategy that ended the match with a victory of 13 – 7. So far, both teams were tied 2 – 2 and it was Match 5 that will conclude the Championship and reveal the winner of the Battles of Glory Tournament.

Finally, Match 5 was on Arid once more and any of the teams could be the winner. They both proved that they can adapt to difficulties and implement new strategies when needed. This time, USSR brought about a crushing defeat to their powerful rival, D2R Mystic. The score ended with USSR winning 13 – 5. We want to congratulate Team USSR for becoming the new champions of this tournament. The Championship Finals were truly the ultimate roller coaster ride. You can watch the full stream of the Championship Showdown below.