Forward Assault: An Unexpected Ending For Season 3

As all good things come to an end, sooner or later, so did Season 3 of the Forward Assault Tournament. With Team D2R Mystic sitting on the throne of Season 1 and 2, it was expected that D2R Mystic will land the top spot yet again in Season 3. However, that is not how it unfolded.

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Team Euphoria has remained in the top spot of Season 3 in the last weeks of the season and it remained unchanged despite the efforts of rival teams. The ending of the season was historic. D2R Mystic had a live-streamed match against USSR and had D2R Mystic beaten USSR, they may have dethroned Euphoria by gaining points from this victory.

Unfortunately for them, USSR did not go gentle into that good night. They put up a vicious fight to defend their reputation and avenge their last loss against D2R Mystic. After unexpected events and fascinating comebacks, USSR finally declared victory over D2R Mystic with a close score of 13 – 12.

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Such an ending to a competitive season couldn’t have been more epic even if it was planned by the best scenario writers in Hollywood. It was truly unreal and watching the latest stream will give you a glimpse into how amazing this season was. Congratulations to Team Euphoria for winning Season 3 and for D2R Mystic & USSR for making it a competitive month.

Finally, next comes the Championship where 12 teams will be selected to participate in a round robin tournament. Many prizes will be on the line, such as $1000, G FUEL Products, GT Omega Racing Products, Gameking Products, Unique Game Skins, and much more. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on the Championship. You can watch the latest stream of Season 3 below.