Forward Assault: Battles of Glory – Season 1

A new tournament series has been announced by MOBILE E-SPORTS® that takes the competitive scene in Forward Assault to another level. The Battles of Glory Series consists of 3 Seasons and a Championship. Each season will last for a month and after the seasons end, the 12 teams that made it to the top throughout these seasons will be selected to compete in the final championship.

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Registration for the first season is now open which you can access by clicking here. While Season 1 is scheduled to begin on September 27th, registration will still remain open for teams that would like to join while the tournament is ongoing. Moreover, the tournament format is somewhat different from the first tournament; this time it is a leaderboard-based competition where teams can challenge other teams at any time. Each match won earns the winning team points and teams get to rise on the leaderboard.

Finally, the prize pool for this series is quite attractive. The victorious team gets to win a whopping $1000, GT Omega Products, &  G FUEL Products following the championship, while throughout each season the top teams will earn from a prize pool of 120,000 Gold, GT Omega Products, and unique skins. If you are a competitive team then this is your chance to gain recognition in the Forward Assault eSports scene and an opportunity to earn interesting prizes. You can learn more about the tournament by watching the video below.