H1Z1: The Next Mobile Battle Royale

One of the first games to pave the way for the Battle Royale Genre is H1Z1. The game was originally released on Steam back in January of 2015 by Daybreak Game Company and has been introduced to the consoles this year.

Image Source: H1Z1 Steam Promo

In H1Z1, up to 150 players get to compete against one another, with several modes available. This game is quite a good candidate for a mobile esports industry that’s welcoming more titles to enrich it. With PUBG Mobile & Fortnite Mobile becoming unparalleled in their success on iOS and Android, H1Z1 would be coming at a momentous time in the industry’s history.

Due to a recent investment from Nantworks into Daybreak Game Company, a new joint company called NantG Mobile will be responsible to develop and publish H1Z1 as a mobile game. This is great news to the mobile esports community as more high profile and competitive games will be coming to the industry. You can watch the console launch trailer of H1Z1 below.