Forward Assault: How The Summer Cup Ended

When the highly anticipated Forward Assault Tournament began, 32 teams have lined up to prove that they can become the champions of the first official tournament. We watched closely as teams advanced from one round onto another, rendering the first person shooter the most competitive it has ever been. With two teams reaching the Finals, D2R Mystic and Prime were about to be part of history.

The Finals were based on a best of 5 format and the two teams knew that the road ahead was not going to be easy. While the majority of the community believed that D2R Mystic will win easily, Prime proved them wrong. To the surprise of many, Prime beat D2R Mystic in the first match with a whopping difference of 13-7. That match definitely made the players of D2R Mystic nervous as it was unexpected.

Image Source – MOBILE E-SPORTS

The second match then started and viewers were on the edge of their seats as they watched their favourite teams struggle to win. Eventually, D2R Mystic managed to pull off a victory in the second match with a score of 13-7. Now that both were tied, the third match was unpredictable and can go any team’s way. However, it ended up with a D2R Mystic victory with a score of 13-4.

The flow of the Finals began to change to favour D2R Mystic. Now that they had two victories in the bag, they needed one more. On the other hand, Prime needed to secure a victory in the 4th match in order to face D2R Mystic in the 5th match. As the 4th match started, both teams had extremely close scores. As one team won a round, the other won the next. D2R Mystic was playing on their favourite map, Streets, and Prime seemed very close to winning the match. Had Prime beat D2R Mystic on their own map then it would be likely that the 5th match would have been dominated by Prime if it was on their map, Arid.


Finally, in a surprising change of events, D2R Mystic beat Prime in the 4th round with a score of 13-11. It was an extremely long and competitive match but both teams put on a phenomenal show and their performance was that of true champions. This tournament hosted by MOBILE E-SPORTS® was truly successful and D2R Mystic has now become the champions of the Forward Assault Summer Cup. As Prime placed 2nd, USSR ended up beating Euphoria to land their team in 3rd position for this tournament. All top 3 teams are to be rewarded. Be sure to watch the Finals stream of the tournament below.