Modern Combat Versus: A Brief Look At Update 5

Gameloft has released Update 5 for Modern Combat Versus, introducing new abilities, a new agent, a new multiplayer map, an eSports spectator mode, and other improvements. This is the biggest update that the game has received by far. If there was a good time to play this game, it would be now.

Image Source: In-Game Featured

Each agent now has new abilities which you can unlock, featuring secondary passive effects and extra bonuses. The new special agent is called Hashtag, an agent that can hack enemies with a sidekick drone and disable the enemies’ abilities during the match. Furthermore, the exciting new map is called Central. The map was designed for close combat and keeps the player on edge due to it being set in night-time mode. Gameloft described the map’s setup as ”gritty neon-lit favelas.”

This update has brought Modern Combat Versus closer to the eSports scene with the introduction of the new spectator mode. Now you can watch live tournaments while switching between players in 3rd person view and have access to real-time stats. Finally, the game has added an overhauled upgrade system that allows players to access 22 new modifications for each agent which can improve health, damage, and ability. Be sure to check the latest update for this game.