Fortnite Mobile: Season 4

Everyone has been anticipating Fortnite’s Season 4 and now it is finally available. As has been suggested by so many, the comet has crashed and now you will have new locations to explore and battle in. You will be able to visit the crater in a new location called Dusty Divot where Hop Rocks are located. The area is surrounded by these glowing rocks which if consumed, will allow you to lift off with low gravity. The game has definitely become a lot more interesting.

Image Source: Season 4 Trailer

The game now features new skins which seem to be super-hero themed. The game servers are now running and the main menu has a new Season 4 theme. The user interface has slightly changed for mobile users and you now can see more options in Settings.

With this update, it has become more exciting to venture into the new locations alongside your teammates. Also, the gameplay for mobile users seems to have improved and has become more intuitive. You can go update your game if you still haven’t and enjoy Season 4. Watch the cinematic trailer for the new season below.