Clash Royale: The Clan Wars Update

The Clan Wars Update has finally come to Clash Royale. If you have stopped playing the game for a while then this update might bring you back to the grind. With the new game mode you can take your clan to battle against other clans from around the world. With this new mode you will earn War Chests and enjoy the competition. If a leader or a co-leader starts a clan war, it will last approximately 2 days. You can find Clan Wars in the social tab once it has been initiated.

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However, keep in mind that Clan Wars are not set to the standard of a tournament but will be based on your card levels. If you are at level 8 or above then you are eligible to participate. As you gain Clan Trophies you will climb to the top of the Clan Leagues.

Moreover, this update does not include a new card but they are teasing a new one for May. To read more about Clan Wars, click here to visit Clash Royale’s official website. There have also been improvements implemented with this update. Now you can toggle emotes on or off permanently, which means you don’t need to do it every time you are in a battle. Here is the fun part, spectators are now able to use emotes as well.

Furthermore, the update touched on critical issues as well. For example, players who now quit a 2vs2 battle will need to wait before playing again. This will counter for trolling and encourage players to complete their matches. The Clan Chest has also been removed and several cards were rebalanced. If you would like to learn more about the rebalanced cards, click here. Finally, you can watch the trailer for the Clan Wars Update below.