PUBG Mobile: A New Update Arrives

A new update was released to PUBG Mobile, first on the Google Play Store & just arrived to the Apple App Store today. The update adds new modes, functionalities, and optimisations. A new Arcade Mode was added which allows 28 players to play with several variations, such as Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Melee, Pistols, or All Weapons. In addition, Training Grounds were added in order for players to test their weapons and train before getting into an actual game.

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A major functionality was also added to iOS devices which allows 3D Touch firing options. Another interesting addition is the new Dusk setting which makes the game look extremely vibrant. This update now allows players to follow other players, either before parachuting or after landing. That’s not all, another feature that makes your gameplay even more simplified is the ability to automatically open doors by enabling it from Settings. This update makes your experience on a mobile device much more convenient.

Finally, there have been improvements to the game such as the adjustment of sound effects and voice chat. Combat experience has been enhanced and Leaning’s movement speed has been increased. Moreover, Nitrous Oxide engines have been incorporated into vehicles and you are now able to perform flipping tricks on motorcycles. This is the driving experience we have all been asking for. Stay tuned with our website for the latest on PUBG Mobile.