Critical Ops: The Pistol Tournament – The Finals

At last, we witnessed the Finals of the Critical Ops Pistol Tournament and the way it unfolded was quite epic. The tournament was hosted by MOBILE E-SPORTS® and began with 8 top teams from the Critical Ops community. With 2 finalists remaining, Gankstars and Destined2Rise were scheduled to play in a Best of 5 format with each match on a different map. In a poll that ran beforehand, majority of the community voted Gankstars as the likely victor and therefore, viewers came with an expectation. It is important to note that both teams played on the same server (US-4) and had equal advantage in terms of server selection.


The first match took place on Map Legacy where rounds were very close between the teams and ended up with Destined2Rise winning with a score of 13-11. The map was selected by Gankstars and losing on this map was quite unexpected. The second match was on Map Canals which was chosen by Destined2Rise. After a fierce battle, Destined2Rise ended up winning with a score of 13-8. The team was 1 match away from winning the tournament.


Furthermore, the third match was set on Map Grounded, selected by both teams. This time, Gankstars fought to keep its team for a 4th match or otherwise lose to Destined2Rise. This match was truly a fight to the death that ended up having both teams in a 12-12 situation. It couldn’t get any better than that. Gankstars managed to win Destined2Rise with a score of 13-12, securing its place for a 4th match in the Best of 5 Finals.

In the 4th match, both teams played on Map Plaza, a map first suggested by Gankstars and agreed upon by Destined2Rise. With intense action and a hard-fought battle, Destined2Rise won the match with a score of 13-7, becoming the champions of the Critical Ops Pistol Tournament. Both teams are some of the most recognized in the Critical Ops eSports scene and it was undoubtedly a championship worth watching. You can watch the Finals stream of this tournament below.