Fortnite Mobile: The Port-A-Fort Item

When you find multiple enemies raining bullets down on you, sometimes building isn’t sufficient enough to fortify you quickly. Luckily, Epic Games has just announced a new item that will do the job and it’s called Port-A-Fort. This item can be best described as a portable fort which you can use to fortify yourself immediately when you are under pressure.

Image Source: Fortnite Port-A-Fort Teaser Video

This update consisting of the Port-A-Fort Item will be coming soon to all platforms, including iOS. With all the additions that are coming to Fortnite, iOS users have been spending a vast amount of hours on the game.

Finally, we hope that Epic Games addresses the controls on the mobile version in an upcoming update because HUD customisation is a primary function that any competitive mobile gamer will need in order to compete with other platforms. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Fortnite Mobile.