Arena of Valor: The Upcoming Update

Tencent Games has recently been teasing their upcoming update for Arena of Valor and the promised content is quite fascinating. The new patch will be released this April and it will be one of the most interesting yet. The Valor Cup will be one of the latest tournament modes to be added to the game. This will be the qualifier to the World Cup that will consist of $500,000 prize pool.

Image Source: Arena of Valor – Patch Update Video

Furthermore, Arena of Valor will have its hero info pages improved and this will allow you to review heroes in-game. The iPhone X users may have been disappointed with the way Arena of Valor was optimized for their devices but not anymore. Now your device will play the game with full optimization, covering the screen from corner to corner without the sidebars.

Finally, the controls system will be improved in order to avoid random ability cancellations. As for hero balance changes, Grakk and Veera will be revisited and improved. You can learn more about the rest of the changes coming to Arena of Valor by watching the Patch Highlights below.