Fortnite Mobile: Update 3.4 Unravelled

Today, Epic Games launched update 3.4 for Fortnite on mobile and other platforms. The developers have now fixed several bugs and enhanced the game’s visuals. Playing on iOS has been a struggle for some players but the developers have improved touch registry and decreased loading time with this update. As of now, you will notice that 4x MSAA is available for iOS devices that are supporting Fortnite. This significantly improves the way the game looks on your smartphone or tablet.

Image Source: Fortnite – Guided Missile Trailer

In addition, you can now chat via whispers or in-party on Fortnite Mobile. Keep in mind that there have been several warnings added into the game. It will notify you that your device will require at least 2GB of RAM in order to play Fortnite and if your device is jailbroken then you will be notified that your device does not support the game.

Furthermore, new content has been added to the game such as the guided missile which is featured in the trailer video below. Finally, according to several sources, today Epic Games will make Fortnite accessible to all iOS players and no code will be needed to play the game. We have yet to confirm this information but it is exciting and we wanted to share it with you. When it does become available you can click here to download it. You can watch the Guided Missile video trailer below.