Fortnite: Will The Replay Feature Come To Mobile?

In a recent announcement, Epic Games revealed that a replay feature will be coming to Fortnite as part of their Unreal Engine 4.20. This will allow players to watch replays of their matches from different angles and from any players’ perspective. Such a feature won’t only improve content creation but also give a more in-depth look into tournaments. Replays will allow you to watch matches and players in a cinematic style and opens the door to infinite possibilities.

Image Source: Epic Games’ Project Spotlight Footage

This will also allow players to analyse their gameplays and understand why they were killed and how the killer had the advantage over them. In the announcement video, controllers are mentioned which means this feature will be coming to PC & consoles initially. While there is no word on it being available on mobile devices, there is no reason to believe it will not be available for iOS & Android users.

Fortnite on the consoles & PC is identical to the mobile version and since the replay feature will be based on the game’s engine, it is very likely that mobile players will be able to access it. However, until that’s confirmed, we can only speculate for now. This feature will be available soon and once we learn more regarding the mobile version, we will have an update for you. You can watch the announcement trailer for this feature below.