Survival Arena: A Series of Competitive Events Announced

In an interesting announcement made today, MOBILE E-SPORTS® has announced in partnership with Matcherino a series of competitive events in Survival Arena, a tower defence game developed by Game Insight. The 10 events have started today and will end on April 1st. There can be 4 winners for each event, making a total of 40 winners that will receive in-game rewards.

Image Source: Survival Arena

To find these events, you will have to download Survival Arena from the App Store or Amazon Store if you still haven’t. Then once you have completed the tutorial, you will see on Survival Arena’s home screen several events. The ones that are eligible for this contest are called: Cannon, Ice Tower, Pirate Lass, Pyro, Sorceress, Plunder, Adrenaline, Monkey Smash, Maties, and Treasure.

Each event will last approximately 2 days and there is a countdown for each event inside the game. Finally, you can see in the image provided in this article of how the events look like to give you a better idea.