Rules of Survival: New Update Launches Season 1 & Improves Aerial Combat

If you are one of the players who have been waiting for proper aerial combat then you will be excited to know that the latest update builds on this feature. Now, when playing in Fearless Fiord, your teammates can shoot and jump during glider flights. The Glider has now been supported with a MG which will fire using rifle ammo. Aerial combat is going to change the way battle is fought on the battlefield.

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In addition, NetEase has added a new Battle Jeep which can carry up to 5 players, the entire Fireteam participants. Furthermore, new classic supplies can now draw the Rosy Comet which is a valuable vehicle. Players will also be able to view their opponents information after being killed.

The game also underwent important changes. Mines no longer cause immediate death but significant damage. Players now can switch seats on the hovership using the new button added. Finally, Season 1 has officially begun and Season 0 has ended. This means that all data regarding season ranking and points earned will be reset. Those players that are Gold Ranked will receive a special Beta outfit.