The Pistol Tournament: The Latest From MOBILE E-SPORTS

A new Critical Ops tournament was recently announced by MOBILE E-SPORTS®. The tournament, dubbed as the Pistol Tournament, will have 8 teams battle each other while limited to pistols only. It will be quite interesting to see how teams change their long-time strategies in order to adapt to this rule while retaining their teamwork quality.

Image Source: Pistol Tournament Trailer

This tournament will start on March 1st and teams have until the beginning of March to register their team. It will be based on a 5V5 format with all maps available to be played on and all matches will take place in Defuse The Bomb Mode. You can click here to redirected to the registration page.

Finally, the winning team receives $100 & 35 Premium Cases while the 2nd ranking team will receive 10 Premium Cases. It is refreshing to see competitive tournaments with some twists like the Pistol Tournament as it holds teams to a high standard and allows them to revisit their conventional strategies. You can watch the trailer for this tournament below.