Clash Royale: Here Comes The Magic Archer

Supercell never ceases to amaze us with every character they introduce to Clash Royale. This time, they have announced the Magic Archer which is currently available in the game via the Magic Archer Draft Challenge. We will see him fully available in the game on March 2nd of this year.

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You might be asking by now, ”Who is the Magic Archer?” According to Supercell, he is not necessarily a Wizard nor specifically an Archer and yet he shoots a magic arrow that passes through enemy troops and buildings. The 4-elixir mysterious troop is Legendary and can be unlocked at Arena 11 (Electro Valley). He can cause 96 Area Damage with 96 damage per second at Level 1. He targets Air & Ground troops at medium speed with a range of 7 tiles in the arena.

Once available, he will become one of the most used troops, thanks to his powerful long-range ability. His arrow can pass through a tower and damage enemy troops that are deployed behind that tower. He is ideal to stop an invasion of Skeletons and Minions but can be countered with spells like Fireball or Lightning. We are very excited about this new troop and believe that the game has become much more interesting with such a powerful troop that will change the way gamers play.