Rules of Survival: Fearless Fiord – Survival Guide

With the release of Fearless Fiord Map to Rules of Survival, players are now in need of a new guide to outlast everyone else, especially that they are now competing against 300 players instead of 120. This guide will have some aspects from the one we published in the past but it will be more applicable to the new map and the new system that is now incorporated into the game.

Controls & Settings

With 300 players now available, your reaction needs to be faster than before. If you haven’t customized your controls yet then you need to place your controls in convenient locations on the screen. In addition, you now have the option to enable Lean which can be helpful when taking cover and shooting at enemies. Furthermore, when you go into Advanced Settings, you have 3 setup choices. Previously, we recommended using Advanced Mode setup and we still do now since it will give you more flexibility when aiming and shooting. If you find a different setup that is more convenient to you then you need to choose what works for you best. As for Vehicle Control, we previously recommended the D-pad style but now suggest the Sports Mode, especially in Fearless Fiord Map.

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We highly recommend that you choose a look that can easily adapt to the environment when you prone in order to avoid detection when needed. Such clothes would be the Warwolf – Wood, Warwolf – Jacket, Green Trousers, or anything that does not attract attention to you. While we are sure some of you would like to look unique and choose the more colourful clothes, we do not recommend them as the best choices for survival.


This is where it gets tricky in Fearless Fiord, especially with the new changes where you have two cargo planes, each carrying 150 players with each plane travelling in a different direction from the other. Always avoid the intersection centre and try to jump to the edge of the map. As for Parachuting, this is the most difficult part of the game now. There is an extremely high chance that you will die upon landing because there are too many players now and you are very likely to get killed. When choosing where to land, always go away from the path line that the plane is on. If the plane is flying forward across the centre of the map, dive towards the edge of the map where players are less likely to go.

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Landing Spots

An important rule is to avoid the popular spots, such spots would be Area 42 & Hero Ridge, the locations where the Hang Gliders are located. Players want to take advantage of them and since there are weapons in the area, it is too risky to go there as you might risk getting shot. What we found to work consistently is landing as far as possible near the edge of the map, getting a boat, and going further away from the plane path. Once you feel that you are distant enough from the other players then you can start looting and preparing yourself.


In Fearless Fiord, you need to avoid engaging enemies upon landing. Even if you believe you can take out one player, the likelihood is that others will spot you and kill you. You need to take into account each scenario case-by-case and make smart decisions. Only attack when you feel that your life is at risk and there is no other way out of it other than killing the enemy nearby. You also do not want to engage if the gas is coming closer to your location because after you have alarmed others of your presence, you then will have to run away from the gas which will leave you exposed for attack by any player willing to take you out.

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In Fearless Fiord, you need to keep a low profile and stay in cover most of the times. Moving from one place to another requires that you do it while crouching. Always being at the edge will decrease the possibility of being backstabbed but it’s equally important to assume that someone is in the area. As the gas spreads throughout the map and the circle gets smaller, you need to start moving faster since the gas becomes deadlier. Furthermore, when you notice that there are at least 30 players left, check your map and estimate where the circle centre will be. Once you have done that, get quickly to the safe zone and find a good position where you can defend yourself from. Always have something covering your back like a wall or anything you can utilize.


Patience is an important tool that will keep you safe. You don’t need to get into fights when you can loot better weaponry and armor that can increase your survival rate. Also, if you keep rushing into fights then you will always risk getting yourself killed. Always avoid engaging enemies when you are not confident if there are other enemies in the area or that you won’t be able to escape fast enough before getting killed. Do not attempt to participate in close range combat that is unnecessary unless you are in a situation that left you with no choice. Always be patient and make decisions that increase the probability of your survival.

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The Gas Circle

What we said about the gas circle in the past also applies to Fearless Fiord. It can be used as an advantage or can end up being a disadvantage. You can use it to your advantage by keeping it close to you in the first minutes of the game in order to ensure no one sneaks behind you. However, near the end of the game where almost 30 players are left, the circle starts enclosing on you faster and becomes deadlier. If you are around the last minutes of the game, you have zero chance to survive in the gas so do not put yourself in that position. Never assume that no one else is in the gas, some players try to remain in the gas in order to sneak on people as the circle starts becoming closer and for that reason always cover your back. If the circle is likely to cover the sea then you can always take refuge in one of the abandoned ships early on where you will find enough weaponry to protect yourself.


Camping is important in some cases but should be used less in Fearless Fiord. Due to the vast amount of players in the map, it is better to be on the move when the gas is close to spreading. When you find yourself taking refuge in a house or building, you can camp if you feel that there might be enemies in the vicinity. In some situations, your enemies may be better positioned and engaging in combat would be foolish. Therefore, in such cases you need to camp until they have left or when you find yourself in an advantage.

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Vehicles are extremely important in Rules of Survival. In Fearless Fiord, we recommend you use boats more than cars at the start of the game. Players are more likely to be on land than at sea. We found the hovercrafts to be extremely useful, especially since you can use them to go on land if you need to escape the water immediately. When necessary, you can use a car to enter the safe zone or escape dangerous situations but always avoid unnecessary driving because there are hundreds of players that can potentially hear your car engine and killing you will not be difficult. If you do use a car then never park it at your destination but do so nearby and go to your destination on foot to avoid bringing attention to where you are located.


We discussed this topic in our last guide and we believe it has become even more important in the new map. Now that 300 players are in the same map, you need to be vigilant at all times. Since the game allows you to automatically lock down when you run, be sure to tap on the eye icon found on the screen and swipe right and left to look around you as you run. This way you can ensure that no one is trying to chase you or shoot you. Every time you go from one location to another, always check your surroundings in case someone has detected your presence.

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The Final Battles

The final battles in Fearless Fiord are going to be much more difficult than before. Instead of having 6 players fighting you will have approximately 15, more or less. In this case, you need to have your back covered by an obstacle, tree, wall or anything that can ensure you will not be backstabbed. Being in a prone position and checking your surroundings at all times will be the best action to take. At this point, you want to avoid standing up because players will be searching for someone to kill. Most of the final survivors will remain still and in a prone position. Make sure that you have a scope on your rifle or weapon in order to kill your opponents from long distance because they will start moving as the gas circle becomes closer. At that point, you need to be strategic in your decisions, if you see two players in combat, then wait until one takes out the other until you engage.


Finally, we hope that this guide helped raise awareness to important survival tips but we also recommend that you take into account the situations you find yourself in and make your decisions based on that. We have tested these survival tips and we end up in the top 10 in Fearless Fiord almost every time with 10% rate in winning the match. The most important thing you want to do is avoid getting killed in the first 5 minutes of the game. Avoid combat, head to the farthest locations on the map, loot to prepare, and then be vigilant as players eliminate one another. We highly advice that you practice Fearless Fiord in Squad or Fireteams modes which will give you more time to be alive in comparison to Solo mode. This way you can get more familiar with the map and find the locations that you prefer to seek for shelter. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t win all the time, your opponent might have a better armor, better weaponry, better location, or even a better line of sight. Your goal is to be consistent and attempt to make it to the top 10 every single match.