PUBG Mobile: Initial Thoughts & How To Get It

We have all been waiting for news regarding PUBG Mobile. With the hype surrounding the Battle Royale games, you just couldn’t avoid it. You will be interested to know that the two PUBG Mobile games are now out on the Chinese App Store. You can get PUBG: Army Attack by TiMi Studio here & PUBG Battlefield by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio here. Both require you to have a Chinese Apple ID in order to download each and in-game you will need a QQ account which you can easily sign up for by clicking here.

Image Source: PUBG Army Attack – App Store Featured

The games are still in development so you might experience bugs and currently you do not see them in their final polished and glorious versions. Therefore, giving an opinion on that would be unfair for the games. However, from the time we spent playing on them, especially PUBG: Battlefield, we found it to be a solid experience that is almost identical to the original. The character’s movement is very smooth and the gameplay can be addicting.

Image Source: PUBG Battlefield – App Store Featured

We expect both games to be released this year. It certainly seems so based on how far the games have progressed since their announcements. What will be interesting to see is whether Rules of Survival players will find themselves attracted to Tencent’s PUBG games or whether they will remain playing Rules of Survival due to the amount of time they invested in it.

Finally, in order to give you an idea of how PUBG Battlefield has progressed thus far, we have a short video which we prepared for you. We did our best to include different clips from the game to help you build an image about it from different angles. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on PUBG Mobile.