Arena of Valor: Professional Player Signed In For $1.2 Million Deal

If you thought Mobile eSports isn’t as serious as the hype then this story is for you. Arena of Valor (Honor of Kings) has become an eSports sensation in China and is one of the most played games in the country. Just recently, GK E-sports Club, a Chinese team, has signed player Zhang ”Loa Shuai” Yuchen for approximately $1.2 million. Zhang was previously in AG Gaming and will now play & coach for GK E-sports Club in Honor of Kings (Chinese version of Arena of Valor).

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What made him so valuable is that he has an average of 3.4 kills / 1.8 deaths. This deal has set a record in the mobile esports industry and promises of bigger things to come. Arena of Valor has one of the most active players in the world and set a record as a top-grossing mobile game in 2017. With a value of $1.9 billion, the game is attracting an extremely high rate of players from all over the world.

The atmosphere in the mobile esports industry is extremely positive and we are now seeing massive prize pools being put on the table. Tencent has recently announced that their Arena of Valor World Cup for 2018 will have a prize pool of approximately $500,000. These are all signs that Mobile eSports is on the path to become a multi-billion dollar industry.