Rules of Survival: NetEase Teases Aerial & Naval Warfare

While we are all excited about the new Rules of Survival update that’s coming on February 7th, there’s more that NetEase has in store. Two images were posted by the company on their official Rules of Survival Facebook which got us quite astonished.

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The image which we featured on the cover of this article shows combat in the new update featuring a rocket launcher, a great weapon to have in such a massive map like the new Fearless Fiord Map. In our last article we mentioned that there is a hang glider coming with this update and it’s very likely that you can shoot enemies from the sky since they mentioned that there will be combat by air.

Aerial warfare has become more solidified in the new images that were released. It should be interesting to see how aerial warfare will play out when 300 players are trying to kill one another. The sea is not safe for you anymore either since players can fly over it but since NetEase is introducing naval warfare too, you should be able to counter enemies while on sea. Stay tuned with our website for the latest on Rules of Survival.