PUBG Mobile: Why You Should Avoid Cheating

There are so many reasons as to why players should not cheat in games. We are not going to discuss the obvious in this article because those who do cheat are aware of these arguments and yet do what they do. As we all wait for PUBG Mobile to be released, we all have concerns regarding cheaters who might ruin the experience for all of us. And while the conventional reasons for not cheating may not be effective, there’s a new reason that might be.

According to Bloomberg, Tencent, in cooperation with Chinese police, has opened over 30 cases and made over 120 arrests of people involved in creating software that assist people in cheating. Many cheaters assume that what they do online would not have consequences in the real world and this story begs to differ.

Image Source: Tencent’s PUBG Mobile Trailer

In fact, a few days ago, Digital Trends reported that a Canadian man faces criminal charges for using bots to spam Twitch channels with improper language. The 20 year old accused of this crime by the supreme court of British Columbia may face up to 10 years in prison. The days of trolling and cheating without consequences are coming to an end as our lives have become more dependent online.

If you are a competitive player, do not cheat in the upcoming PUBG Mobile or any other game for that matter. Tencent is leading the fight among gaming companies and they are the force behind PUBG Mobile. You shouldn’t stop cheating because fear of legal consequences but because it is wrong and fraudulent. If morality isn’t going to help you stop then avoid cheating because we are witnessing legal consequences for individuals that interfere in a company’s product. We believe more laws will be passed in the near future in even more countries to help stop trolls and cheaters.