Arena of Valor: The January Update Launches Next Week

We know that many of you have been patiently waiting for an Arena of Valor update, specifically one that addresses the iPhone X optimization. You can expect this update to be released next week.

Image Source: Arena of Valor Highlights Video

Apart from the iPhone X support, you will also see gold cap changes, new avatar frames, visual improvements, and user interface optimization. What used to be black bars on each side of the iPhone X will feature player avatars. You can now target specific enemies by tapping on their avatar on the right side of the screen. As for gold caps, instead of the previous daily gold caps, now you will have weekly gold caps. This allows players to earn more gold on the days they spend most of the time playing.

This upcoming update also increase your gold earnings by 10% if you equip a skin during battles. Finally, Tencent has released an informative highlights video covering the features that will be included in this update. You can watch the video below for more specific details.