Google Enters Chinese Market Through Mobile eSports

Being a leading market in the world, the Chinese Market has been a long ambition of Google. In 2012, Google’s search engine was blocked by the Chinese authorities which led Google to find new ways to be part of this valuable market. Now, the giant company has invested in a Chinese startup called Chushou, helping them increase their total funding to $120 million.

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Chushou was founded in 2015 as an online eSports platform where mobile gamers can livestream their content. According to a recent statement by the company, the platform has 8 million streamers and 250,000 live stream per day. With Google’s help, the platform will be able to reach an international audience. If anyone can help them achieve their goals it would be Google as they have experience with YouTube Gaming.

Mobile eSports is dramatically growing in China and is attracting Chinese youth with games like Arena of Valor (Honor of Kings) which boasts 200 million players on monthly average. According to Frank Lin, who manages Google’s Corporate Development in North Asia, “Chushou has built an impressive platform, with a dedicated and quickly growing base of content creators and consumers, and smart expansion plans,” as reported by Fortune.