Rules of Survival: Registration For The Championship Is Now Open

Are you ready for one of the most exciting mobile championships in the Battle Royale Genre? Registration for the Rules of Survival Championship is now open and you can register by clicking here. Before you register you need to read the rules very carefully. Now, let’s go through some of the details of this championship.

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First of all, you need to meet the age requirement of 17. All players of a team need to be within the same server in order to be eligible. Each server will receive a prize pool of $60,000. The rest of the $476,000 will be awarded in the Finals which will take place in China, which means you need to travel. The top teams of each server will be invited to attend the Finals and compete with the best Chinese teams.

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The Qualifier begins on January 4th of next year and is described as follows: ”All the players in the team should participate in squad ladder matches to obtain points daily at certain times. If the team participate in multiple matches in a single day , the points of the best two matches will be recorded as the team’s results of that day. Top 75 teams advance to the group stage based on their total points.”

In the registration page, you will need to enter your team information such as an attractive team name, team slogan, server choice, team leader’s nickname, and the team member’s along with their nationalities. Also, it is important to know that PC players will not be accepted as this is purely mobile. You have until December 27th of this year to complete your registration, so don’t delay. Finally, we will stay on top of this story with more details on the nature of the championship soon. Stay tuned.