Rules of Survival: The World Championship & A $650,000 Prize Pool

With Battle Royale games becoming a trend in the competitive community, we found ourselves this year with several mobile games that were PUBG-inspired. One of the leading games on mobile as of now is called Rules of Survival. This game allows up to 120 players to face each other on a deserted island and the objective is to remain the final survivor.

The game is trending on the App Store right now under the Adventure Category and is growing significantly by the hour. It most definitely has a competitive experience to it and requires the player to be vigilant, strategic, and adaptive. While there is no option to give the game a full eSports functionality, the developers are trying to bring it closer and closer with each update.

Image Source: Rules of Survival Game

Only 4 hours ago the official Rules of Survival Facebook Page has made an unbelievable announcement. There is a World Championship with a prize pool of $650,000. This is one of the biggest prize pools to be introduced to a mobile game and being that the game is at an early stage of release, there is no doubt that they are heading towards an eSports path.

Registration period for this event begins from December 20th until the 27th. You have to have a team of four players, each member must have reached Silver III within the same server. Our team will definitely be on top of this story and if you are interested to learn more, stay tuned with our website.