Modern Combat Versus: Clans & Live Tournaments – A Brief Review

We were all excited when Gameloft announced that eSports features will be coming to Modern Combat Versus this week. Just today, update 1.3.14 ushered in the dawn for eSports opportunities with the new Clans & Live Tournaments features. We have mixed feelings about this update which we will discuss below.

Modern Combat Versus: Clans

First of all, you can now create or join Clans which is a great feature for competitive players to unite under and combat opponents through. When you create a clan, it allows you to choose a clan emblem, clan name, and writing a description with up to 300 characters to inform players about you.

The settings allow you to make your clan either public or private. If you make it public, then you can set a standard on who can join based on trophy and level. In addition, you can choose the location of your clan based on continents. Finally, when creating a clan you will need to pay 120 Diamonds. On the other hand, you can join a clan by searching the name of the clan that you are interested in.

Modern Combat Versus: Live Tournaments

Second of all, now you can create tournaments, thanks to the Live Tournaments feature that was recently incorporated. Creating a tournament is simple, you enter your tournament name, map, game mode, and then you can either make it public for anyone to join or private for certain people to join. If you choose private, then you can share a unique room code with the people that you want to have in your match. Fortunately, creating tournaments is free but you do have the option to add a prize such as crates for the winners to receive.

So far so good but something important is missing from this update. Where is Spectator Mode? Having the ability to spectate is what really brings about the eSports experience. We understand that the game is new and it is still being improved but we want to point out that this is a primary feature that a game requires in order for it to become an eSports title. Apart from that, we are happy with the introduction of Clans and Live Tournaments.

Finally, having the new Bounty Mode is a great addition since it brings back the classic Team Deathmatch to Modern Combat. While it is based on 4vs4, we do hope that Gameloft increases the amount of players to 5vs5 or even 6vs6 to improve the probability of action taking place during matches. We look forward to see how Gameloft proceeds with Modern Combat Versus.