PUBG Mobile: Predictions & Expectations

Since the announcement of PUBG Mobile, players in the mobile community have been extremely excited. They already are enjoying Battle Royale games like Rules of Survival, imagine the experience and euphoria they will get out of the official PUBG title. As we wait for the two announced PUBG titles to arrive, we wanted to discuss the expectations we have for the PUBG Mobile game dubbed as Battlefield and the potential it can reach.

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PUBG started with its Erangel Map, an island that had structures used in 1950’s by the Soviet Union. These locations are where players usually can loot weaponry and on many occasions where close-combat occurs. The map also provides beautiful and natural sceneries which gives the players the sense of survival. Any enemy can be watching you without your knowledge due to the countless open terrain areas.

Luckily, the developers announced another new map for PUBG called Miramar. This time the map is Desert-themed with strategic locations in place for survivors to hide from and sneak on enemies. The reason we are excited by this news is because it shows the potential of what PUBG Mobile can achieve.

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If we take Rules of Survival by NetEase as an example, we can admit that it delivers a very close experience to the official game considering that the same company released 3 Battle Royale games without focusing on the quality of the experience. Therefore, players expect much more from the official PUBG that is coming to mobile devices and we think that the trailer does not disappoint.

To start with predictions, we believe that PUBG Mobile by Lightspeed and Quantum Studio dubbed as Battlefield will be a quality game considering that the company behind the official game has approved of it. It will support a changing weather system with real-time lighting and enhanced shadows. There will be 100 online players competing against one another, ranging from combat shooting, to vehicular and naval warfare. The game will incorporate ragdoll physics and allow you to play in solo mode or in a 4 player squad.

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As for expectations, we expect it to be marketed as a Mobile eSports game by Tencent, especially that this is the route they are now taking on mobile with their MOBA game, Arena of Valor. Also, we expect the developers to support the game to the extent where there are more than one maps available. The official PUBG is receiving a new map and we expect for the official mobile game to be supported likewise. Finally, while PUBG Mobile has been announced to be released in China, we expect it to go internationally soon after. Keep in the mind that the official release date for PUBG will be this December 20th on PC.